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Skala Rachoni is a small village in the west of the island. Apartments Villa Rania are situated in a beautiful location near the sea, just 50 meters away.

The access to Villa Rania is easy as it is 15 minutes away from the Limenas, the island's capital and 10 minutes from Prinos, the second port of Thassos.

Thassos is a relatively small island with good road network and as so it won’t be hard to explore. There are many beautiful beaches mainly sandy with pine trees that reach up to where the waves break. Small and larger villages, many with traditional architecture, perched on the slopes of Mount Ypsario other near the sea.

Apart from its natural beauty, Thassos has rich archaeological interest. Throughout the island you will find outdoor archaeological sites while in Limenas, you should visit the Archaeological Museum which was recently renovated and many worth seeing findings were revealed.

Also, local flavors, oil, honey, olives, sweets, will impress you.

The island is a destination worth visiting as it suits almost all tastes.

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